DAO for creators

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

With the advent of technologies like Ethereum and IPFS, things gonna change and things gonna change fast

  • It may represent that someone out there supports that creator and admires their work.
  • It may signal that the content and the creator are appreciated, as they add some kind of value to the consumer’s life.
  • It contains some kind of value which makes the content worthy of existence.
  • It rewards creators by minting ERC20 tokens directly to their wallet for every certain number of netlike (total likes - total dislikes) they can accrue on their content.
  • Those tokens can be used to get a sense of how much value you are generating through your content, NFTs etc.
  • Those tokens would represent the likeability and credibility of the content as well as the creator in the vast expanse of the distributed network.
  • Creators can choose to trade these tokens on DEX, Crypto-Exchanges or hodl if they like.

Bitverse is content agnostic.

An overview of how bitverse can/would work.
  • Creators won’t have to depend on big platforms and their big daddy algorithms.
  • Decentralized Organizations can use this metric in useful ways.
  • It would be helpful in decentralized web ranking, search and stuff.
  • Would provide gateway to other developers to build their apps/services on.



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