Incentive structure of bitverse

And other subtleties

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But what does an artist like Taylor Swift get for sharing such amazing content as this song to the world?

Bitverse would benefit superstars and independent creators all the same.

Alright let’s discuss incentive and stuff —

  • Netlike = Total Likes — Total dislike
  • No token will be rewarded for the same milestone more than once.
  • This will stop people from spamming the network.
  • Users would be motivated to spend their likes on content which actually provides value to them.
  • Same goes for Dislikes, users would dislike the content if they genuinely feel the content is falling short of a standard.
  • This makes Likes and Dislikes actually count.
  • No Cheap Signaling ❌

Incentives around IPFS — The decentralized storage

  • A piece of Content will only exist on the network if it’s actually worthy of existence and carries some value.
  • Fans will seed their favorite artist’s content if they really love it.
  • It’s in Creators’ best interest to create content which really is useful and valuable, or it won’t be able to have a healthy presence on the network.
  • This will keep content hubris in check.
  • Cheap Signaling won’t work here🪅
  • It has a mechanism to filter signal from noise at systemic level.

Bitstone (BIT) token and its value

Let’s also talk Adoption —

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