Intelligence and indecisiveness

What a fucking frenzy!

2 min readOct 27, 2021
Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

So you pick up a guitar in your teens, messed around with it a few months and eventually got pretty good with it.

Your dad brought a computer when you were a kid, and you couldn’t get enough of it, the games, the graphics, the colors, the sound, everything about it was just magical. You cannot be more intrigued to know how all of this works.

You had your first swimming lesson, everything about it felt so good, the rush, the calmness, the fear, the physics of it all, you thought may be this is what you’re made to do.

You meet a girl, the world beneath you remains the same but everything changes. You think how’ve you been living without this for so long. Life without this doesn’t make sense anymore.

Etc etc…

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Now you’re sitting in your room doing a medium post listening to John Coltrane’s music in the background thinking why is this guy a big deal. I mean anyone can play whatever he’s playing, it’s just a matter of giving the skill 10–20 years of your life and voilà!

So are we cheering for him or anyone from any field just because he is good or because he had the guts to choose something over everything else the life has to offer.

Coz guess what! Our neurons can literally adapt to any shit!

From creating calluses on our fingers to Myelination in our cells. Our body is pretty remarkable.

How would you choose one adaptation from another, some adaptations can make you more money than others, some adaptation will give you more fame than other, while some adaptations can make your life go crazy!

What a fucking frenzy!

If only we had infinite time and could experience all the adaptations we would like to experience.

And since longevity and immortality is likely a distant dream, what to do?!

Considering time as the constraint and other variables, what is the best possible move can we make…